Top 8 unusual things people put in tea

Top 8 unusual things people put in tea

July 09, 2016 1 Comment

The tea that we drink is as unique is the person that is drinking it. But, some people are just a little bit more unique than others. Milk, sugar, honey… those are the usual suspects when one wants to jazz up their tea, but why stop there? We scoured the planet (okay, we scoured the internet…) to curate some of the most unique, interesting, and strange things that people add to their tea. Are you feeling adventurous?

1. Jam

In Russia, they like to add jam to their tea. It’s a really interesting idea. You get the sweetness from the sugar, and also a nice fruity flavor. You could use any kind of jam you’d like, but make sure it isn’t too chunky, or at least be very careful that you don’t choke on any chunks of strawberry!

2. Bourbon

This isn’t the only type of alcohol that gets added to tea, but it’s one of the classiest. Blueberry Tea is another tasty option if you’re looking for a boozy cuppa. In different regions around the world, they’ll add different types of alcohol to their tea, but the results are always the same!

3. Sorbet

In this case, it’s more like you’re adding tea into your sorbet rather than adding sorbet into the tea, but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Either way, it’s no wonder that the type make a great pair, because sorbet is a frozen dessert made with sweetened water and flavorings, it’s basically frozen tea if you think about it. So instead of using plain sugar water, you steep some tea, and there you go.

4. Boba

Bubble tea is a popular treat, it’s main distinctive feature are tapioca balls that sit at the bottom and get sucked up through a large straw. It’s a unique drink with a unique texture, and a far cry from a typical cup of tea. There are all sorts of different flavors, served cold, and sometimes it has a frozen consistency.

5. Butter Tea

You may have heard of the “bulletproof coffee” fad, and tea basically works the same way. You blend in some butter, ghee, or coconut oil into your tea. It makes it creamy and smooth, but it can take a bit of getting used to. Even athletes use this for an extra boost, since the fat helps to slow the release of the caffeine which stops you from getting that quick buzz and crash, and the fat helps give you energy. This was first popularized in Tibet, but has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years.

6. Herbs and Spices

Herbal teas are nothing new, but some of the additions can be unique. From cinnamon, to turmeric, to whatever else – they can make very tasty additions. Now, a lot of people will claim all sorts of health benefits – so make sure you actually enjoy the drink and aren’t just looking for the latest health craze. That’s not to say there aren’t health benefits to different types of tea that have been studied, but the marketing and claims usually go way over the top. At the end of the day, drink it because you like it, and everything else is just gravy.

7. Genmaicha

This type of tea originalted amongst the poorer class of Japanese people. It is made with regular green tea and roasted brown rice. Sometimes, it’s even referred to as popcorn tea, because some of the rice will pop while being roasted, kind of like popcorn. The roasted brown rice adds a very distinct taste, and was originally used to bring down the cost since rice was less expensive than tea.

8. Gunfire and Jagertee

Gunfire is a cocktail that was popularized by the British Army. It’s quite simple – black tea mixed with rum. Gunfire would be served to soldiers in the morning before battle, as early as the 1890s. It’s not particularly delicious, unless you’re a big rum fan, of course. Originally, it was more about utility than taste.

Jagertee is similar, but doesn’t necessarily have to be made with rum. It can also be made using red wine, plum brandy, and even an assortment of spices. It’s usually served warm during the winter months. Basically empty out your liquor cabinet, brew some tea, and you’re all set.

Gunfire Tea Cocktail

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