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Keemun Congou

Keemun Congou / Qimen Red Tea (Chinese Black Tea)

Winner of 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2017

Keemun is a black Chinese tea with a winy and fruity taste, designated as one of the 10 Famous Chinese Teas. Well-composed and elegant, our Keemun tea from Anhui has a sweetish, spicy note and a slightly tart flavour. A great pleasure, low in caffeine and tannins. First produced in late 19th century, it quickly became popular in the West and is still used for a number of classic blends.

Kongou (same as kung fu) is Chinese for "skill" - same as in the Gongfu tea ceremony, and Keemun Kongou is most enjoyable if drunk in this style. 

Preparation: Put one heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tea per person into 100 °C water for 2 minutes.

Range: Tea Shirt Classic

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