Our Mission

Tea Shirt's mission is to help you lead a healthier life by guiding you to become more authentic in our saturated world.

While tea itself as a beverage may not sound original today, our message is unique: we promote focusing on one's own happiness, mental health, and personal needs, rather than pushing popular tastes and appearances. 

We do this in two ways. We help our customers finding their favourites by providing a monthly tea tasting subscription of a bespoke, personalised selection of products, making it an honest, non-judgemental experience. On the other hand, we provide our tea in zero-waste packaging, making it all a relaxing, guilt-free journey.

Every aspect of our company reflects on our values: besides striving to provide the best-tasting teas and to have the lowest possible impact on our environment, we hope to become a valuable business in our community by regularly donating to local charities.