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Keiko Organic Benifuuki Powder

Organic Japanese Benifuuki powder (50g pouch)

Benifuuki comes from a special variety of the Camellia Sinensis that is of strong stature and highly disease-resistant. It is processed in a similar manner to Oolongs during its final stage of production, i.e. light fermentation and milling of the leaves. Hence, the Benifuuki is hardly oxidised and retains its green colour. As a powder, it is a golden-green unlike the other green tea powders.  

The Benifuuki is distinguished by its high content of special Epigallocatechingallate, the EGCG3 antioxidants, attributable to the plant species and intense steam treatment. In Japan, Benifuuki is enjoyed as a special tea for the relief of allergies.

Thanks to its intense aroma the powder can be used very economically. Just half the usual portion produces a wonderfully fragrant tea which whisks up particularly well.

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