It's here: We are Introducing our Amazing Eco-Friendly Packaging

Posted by Andras Toth on

Here at Tea Shirt we care about our impact on the Earth. We are thrilled to announce that in 2018 we transition to using environmentally friendly packaging!

Check out our products available in our redesigned packaging here.

We print our new labels on 100% recycled paper, glued with non-toxic adhesive to biodegradable pouches. 

We are going to gradually turn all our tea packaging recyclable this year. And what's more? From now on, our postal packaging is recyclable, too! 

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments ;)

#newyearsresolution #minimisewaste

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  • That’s awesome news! You rock TeaShirt Teas!! I love your packaging and I also reuse the pouches, they’re brilliant for herbs and ground spices. Now it’s going to be even better! We all have to do our little bit xx

    chana on

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