Our Story

We love good tea.

Tea Shirt is our brainchild. We are Kriszti and Andras and we are united in their passion for tea and its many derivatives.

Andras developed his appreciation for tea while managing a tea room in our hometown back in Hungary.

Our thirst for discovering high quality teas and for unearthing original flavoured teas resulted in establishing our own company in 2016.

We appreciate individuality.

Coming from all over the world and from many different cultures, the teas are literally dressed in different 'Tea Shirts'.

We designed their labels to mimic traditional textiles and embroidery from the areas where they originated.

Tea Shirt teas could not all exist under one identity as they each have their own distinctive characters!

We are award-winning.

We won 4 awards in our first year of business at the most coveted blind-tasted food awards – the Great Taste Awards.

We don't outsource anything.

To us, it is a very personal project.

We are very particular about every aspect of our brand because, as every element has been handled by us personally, it directly reflects on us.

We are Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments.

Tea and serving tea is all about hospitality and it is this that we focus on.

Kriszti & Andras