Our teas are hand-packed in an environment that handles many different ingredients, therefore any product may contain traces of grains, nuts, dairy, or soy.


Apple & Grapefruit Organic  
Apple Pie barley malt, hazelnut sugar
Assam Moran FBOP   caffeine
Barbados Rum
Bliss liquorice*
Butterscotch dairy, soy sugar, caffeine
Ceylon Blackwood OP Organic caffeine
Choco Assam hazelnut sugar, caffeine
Chocolate Cloud
Creamy Cocoa dairy, soy sugar, caffeine
Da Hong Pao Organic   caffeine
Dark Chocolate caffeine
Delight liquorice*
English Breakfast Organic - Camden Giving Tea   caffeine
Formosa Jade Oolong   caffeine
Genmaicha caffeine
Gin & Tonic caffeine
Green Tea & Mint   caffeine
Gyokuro Asahi   caffeine
Honeybush Organic  
Irish Breakfast   caffeine
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Organic   caffeine
Keemun Congou   caffeine
Lapsang Souchong caffeine
Lemon & Ginger Organic liquorice*
Mango & Coconut dairy sugar
Mao Feng   caffeine
Masala Chai caffeine
Mate Lemon & Lime Organic liquorice*, caffeine
Mojito sugar
Orange & Papaya caffeine
Pu-Erh Royal Palace Organic   caffeine
Rooibos Organic  
Russian Samovar   caffeine
Spicy Rooibos
Strawberry & Lychee caffeine
Sweet Summer sugar
Topkapi sugar
White Bamboo caffeine
White Monkey   caffeine
Whole Hibiscus Flowers  
Wu Lu - Mountain Mist   caffeine
Yoga Chai Organic  


*Liquorice root - in case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of these products should be avoided.