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Guilt-free Tea Unboxing: Eco-friendly paper tubes

by Kriszti Nagy on May 29, 2020

This spring was a season of firsts. The first time we attended every meeting in elasticated waist trousers. The first time we let a significant other cut our hair. The first time we skipped going to the gym for two months (well, this one has happened before). But sometime during all these firsts, we were able to launch something we know you’ll love!

We understand the impossibility of leaving no environmental footprint. We are not only committed to be kinder and more conscious of our actions, but we also strive to minimise our environmental impact. The use of eco-friendly packaging benefits you, us, and the Earth!


Eco-Friendly Materials

The Earth is drowning in waste, too much of it is ending up in landfill, oceans, rivers and lakes. Paper packaging is both a recyclable and a biodegradable alternative!


Eco-Friendly Sourcing

We’re committed to making our products as environmentally friendly as possible. The brown cardboard used for our tubes is 100% recycled. These tubes are fully recyclable and biodegradable. What's more? They are made in the UK!

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Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing packaging that can be repurposed.

Once our paper tubes served their initial purpose - storing your tea - they can get a second chance through repurposing! Let's combat single-use packaging together by reusing our tubes in creative ways! Do you need a pencil holder, a bird feeder, a piggy bank, or a seedling pot? Find a new home for them on your desk, kitchen worktop, or garden!


Recycling: We go the extra mile to make it easier

It’s important to remember that just because the material is recyclable doesn’t mean that’s where it will end up. Recycling is dependent upon the awareness and resourcefulness of the end-user. The environmentally savvy knows that the ultimate goal is adopting a zero-waste mentality. Packaging that is beautifully designed using high-quality paper materials doesn’t need to end up in the waste stream. Reinforce your commitment to sustainability and elevate your experience with our eco-friendly tea!


Eco-Friendly Unboxing & Creative Repurposing

Ready to order award-winning tea in eco-friendly, 100% paper tubes? Click here to get started!

Unbox your tea without harming the planet! Share your creations and don't forget to tag us! #teashirtlondon
1 comment
by Angela Hebberd on June 10, 2020

What a great idea! Fully recyclable packaging. That has got to be a first in the tea industry.


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