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Hand-picked Whole Hibiscus Flowers | The Best Hibiscus Tea

by Andras Toth on October 15, 2019

Alternatives to our caffeinated brews?

The majority of us in the UK drink coffee and tea every day. While we are aware of the stimulant effect - and possible health benefits - of our favourite brews, we tend to ignore the downsides of our over-dependence on caffeine.

From skincare to nutrition, we not only focus more and more on our health but also on long-term benefits and side-effects of the products we use and consume. As a result of this, we find that millennials are turning to healthier alternatives from their caffeinated (and alcoholic!) drinks. While pairing tea with food is becoming the next big thing, there is a shift towards consuming herbal blends during the tea-break.

Since we noticed this trend in our community we have been spending our time finding exciting new ingredients and herbal blends. We are delighted to introduce our current favourite, which makes not only a wonderful brew - but also a great cooking ingredient!



What makes hibiscus tea so special?

The deep crimson-coloured Hibiscus calyces produce a refreshing, sweet and sour beverage with an attractive, burgundy to scarlet red liquor. Often blended with a variety of tropical fruits and herbs, the natural zing of the caffeine-free Hibiscus tea can not only be enjoyed on its own, but also in drinks such as aguas frescas or cocktails.

Thanks to its rich and bold flavour, hibiscus infusion can be used in a variety of recipes as a fruity base for other ingredients. Its vibrant red hue freshens up any appetiser and enhances the colouring of dressings, broths or desserts. The large, tasty flowers and their tangy infusion open up limitless opportunities to put a twist on a favourite recipe.


How does hibiscus tea taste like?

Tasting Hibiscus tea makes a very enjoyable experience as the notes of fruits and sweet flowers contrast with tart and astringent undertones, its clean finish is very refreshing.


Hibiscus tea: a rich and bold flavour the Pharaohs loved

Not only has hibiscus tea long been important in Ayurvedic medicine but in ancient Egypt, the tea was served cold and used primarily by Pharaohs to cool off in the desert heat.

Usually available as broken petals, our stunning whole hibiscus flowers are carefully hand-picked. See our range of blends containing hibiscus here.


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